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Hostel Address:
53 Sadovaya Ulitsa, 4th floor
St.Petersburg, Russia 190068
Tel/fax +7(812) 314 8357
e-mail: info@budget-travel.spb.ru

Nearest metro station:
Sadovaya, Sennaya Ploshchad






The Hostel "Na Sadovoy" is situated within 15 minutes walk from Nevsky Prospekt, and 5 minutes from the Sadovaya/Sennaya Ploshchad/Spasskaya (/ /) metro stations see instructions below. To find us, walk down the Sadovaya Street ( ) to building 53, then enter the gate and turn right. We are located on the 4-th floor.

Getting to Sadovaya/Sennaya Ploshchad/Spasskaya

From the train stations There are three long-distance train stations in St. Petersburg. One of them are situated on the Red Line (Line 1) of the metro network. If you arrive to the Moscow Station (Moskovsky Vokzal) catch the metro to Pushkinskaya (, same Red Line), then change to Zvenigorodskaya (, Violet Line, or Line 5) and take one stop to Sadovaya..

If your train arrives to the Vitebsk station (Vitebsky vokzal) you should make just 1 metro stop from Zvenigorodskaya (, violet Line or Line 5) to Sadovaya (, the same Violet Line)

Trains from Finland arrive to the Ladoga Station, or Ladozhsky Vokzal. From there, hop on the metro (the metro station has the same name, Ladozhskaya (), and is on the Yellow Line, or Line 4). A five-stop direct journey will get you to Spasskaya.

From the Airports :

From Pulkovo 1 , the Domestic terminal, bus 39 (and all minibuses) run to the metro station Moskovskaya (), third southernmost on the Blue Line, or Line 2. Take six stops straight up the line to Sennaya Ploshchad ( ). Exit metro and walk south-west along the Sadovaya street to the Hostel.

From Pulkovo 2 , the International terminal, take bus 13 (or any of the minibuses) to metro station Moskovskaya, third southernmost on the Blue Line, or Line 2. Take six stops straight up the line to Sennaya Ploshchad ( ). Exit metro and walk south-west along the Sadovaya street to the Hostel.

If youre lucky to get the infrequent minibus 213 or 3, stay on until the end of the route, right at Sennaya Ploshchad.

We can arrange an airport pick-up for 1800 rub (45 EUR).

From the Seaport , or Morskoy Vokzal, we can arrange a transfer to the hostel 1350 rub. (30EUR). If you rather go by public transport, take trolleybus 10 or bus 7 towards the city centre (30-40 minute ride). Exit at the stop Sadovaya street ( ) ask the conductor for help! You will get off just before the intersection of Sadovaya and Nevsky Prospekt. Turn into Sadovaya and carry on for about 20 minutes.

Heres how to use public transport

Arriving to Russia, or to St. Petersburg in this case, might seem a stressful experience for a first-timer, but do not despair! The citys airports and train stations are well-connected by public transport, and although there are few signs in English, the metro and bus system is relatively easy to navigate.

By bus Boarding a public bus (or tram, or trolleybus), you will be approached by a conductor selling 18-ruble tickets. The ticket is valid for an unlimited-length single journey. Bus stops are usually marked by an A sign (for avtobus). Sometimes a stop would have a sign with a bus pictogram and a list of route numbers.

By metro Metro (subway/underground) is the quickest way of commuting around the greater city. Stations are identified from outside by a big stylised M sign. An 20-ruble token (zheton) is needed for a single ride. Tokens are sold from the booths in the station foyer. A multiple-ride card with a variety of options can be bought too.

By mini-bus Minibus, or marshrutka, is a great, if a bit confusing, way of getting almost anywhere in St. Petersburg. The small things run pretty much like buses, with an added convenience of being able to stop on demand anywhere along the way just flag one down to hop on, or tell the driver Stop! to get off. Marshrutkas run along fixed routes, and there are millions of them! Pay to the driver as you get in the flat fare is indicated above the drivers seat, usually 24-26 rubles.

Most public transport operates from 5:30 am to 12:30 am.

By Taxi There are taxis, both officially-looking ones with a sign, and the ones whose driver just claims he is a taxi, touting for business at the airports, train stations and other tourist areas. You can bargain even with the official ones! Try to sound convincing practice pronouncing your destination in your best Russian. The older the vehicle the cheaper a ride in a Soviet Lada around the city centre can be as little as 200 rubles, yet a metered yellow cab would charge 3-4 times more for the same ride.

You are always welcome!

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